Before You Begin:

  • What’s included in my price?

    Your final price includes room and all hotel taxes. It does not include items such as charges for meals, parking, roll-away beds, telephone, valet and room service, or any other items of a personal nature.

  • What is a “Land-only” package?

    A Land-only package includes all the items listed as “tour package features” EXCEPT for air transportation, airport/hotel transfers and baggage handling. A Land package would be appropriate should the tour participant not be able to conveniently depart/return from the same city listed in the Air package or wish to travel on their own.

  • If I’m not traveling, can I make a reservation for someone else?

    When completing the reservation, use the name of the person for whom you are making the reservation. When entering credit card information, you may use your credit card and billing address for payment.

  • What does “Single, Double, Triple, Quad” mean?

    Single, Double, Triple, and Quad refer to how many adults (13 and over) are sharing each room. For example, if 2 adults wish to stay in the same room, the price would be the Double price and this would be per person.

  • What does the Child price mean?

    Children’s prices are limited to those 12 years of age or under sharing a room with one or more adults and using existing bedding. For example, if the room is shared with one adult, the single rate applies as the adult’s price plus the child’s price. If the room is shared with two adults, the double rate applies as the adult’s price plus the child’s price.

  • I live near the University but my friend lives in another state, can we still take a package and room together?

    Absolutely. You can join us on one of our air packages and your friend can book a land-only package.

  • Do I need travel insurance?

    Due to the high dollar amount of our packages, we strongly recommend the purchase of appropriate insurance coverage. Medical insurance policies may not protect your travels away from home and often have out-of-network deductibles. Likewise, coverage through credit cards and travel suppliers can have shortfalls and not fully protect you. For additional information, please see our travel insurance section.

Making a Reservation:

  • What type of payments do you accept?

    We accept all major credits cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Debit cards featuring the Visa or MasterCard logo are also accepted, however, please be advised these types of cards typically have a maximum amount that you may charge daily. Please check with your financial institution. If you are making a phone reservation, we also will accept personal checks.

  • I’m traveling with other couples and would like to have our rooms near each other. Is this possible?

    Yes. If you are booking online, please indicate the last name (at a minimum) of the other couple(s) you’ll be traveling with in the Request field. Otherwise, please let our agent know at the time of booking or by the deadline for final payment. We will make every effort to accommodate your request.


  • What if I call the hotel and they do not have my reservation?

    Should you call the hotel about your reservation, in all likelihood they will not show a room reserved specifically for you. This is because your room has been reserved as part of a “group” reservation. Your printed confirmation from us is all you need.

  • What do I need when I check into my hotel?

    You will need a credit card for incidentals. If you do not have a credit card, you may leave a cash deposit for incidentals, however you may want to contact the hotel prior to arrival to determine the amount required.

  • What size is a triple or quad room?

    A triple/quad room is the same size as a double-bedded room and beds will accommodate three or four people; but there will not be three or four separate beds. A roll-away may be requested but cannot be guaranteed due to size of room and fire codes.

  • What if I require a roll-away bed in my room?

    A roll-away may only be added to King-bedded rooms and will incur extra charges. Tour participant will incur the charges directly from the hotel as an incidental charge. Requests for a roll-away are subject to hotel availability and varying fire and safety laws.

  • I’d like to have a smoking room. Is one available at the hotel?

    Should you require a smoking room, you may request one at the time of booking; however, many hotels are now smoke-free, including the accommodations, restaurants and lobby areas. Should a tour participant disregard the hotel’s smoking policy, the hotel may charge the guest a financial penalty in order to get the room back to a smoke-free environment. Please be sure to read the smoking policy posted in your hotel room for specific information and charges.

  • Can I extend my stay?

    If you purchase a land-only package, typically you can add additional pre- or post-nights to your travel package. Contact one of our agents for pricing and availability.

Before Your Trip:

  • When will I receive my tour documents?

    Tour documents are typically sent via USPS Priority Mail or FedEx two to three weeks prior to departure. If you will not be at home during this time, please inform your booking agent so we may send you documents to an alternate address.

  • How much luggage can I bring?

    When travelling with us on one of our air packages, we typically recommend one piece of checked luggage per person (50 lbs and under) and one carry-on. Typically commercial airlines will charge for each piece of luggage that you check.